Helene Kusnitz
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All images are copyright of the artist and not to be reproduced without written permission © 2021 Helene Kusnitz
Fiber Art          Jewelry

Blue and Yellow fish. Wet felted merino wool10x3x4.5"
Rooster Teapot. Wet felted merino wool. 11'x3.5"x9"
Rooster teapot, second view.
Fish Critter. 10 x 7 x 2.25". Wet felted merino wool hollow form.  Sold.
Series of 3 button vessels. Wet felted, merino wool, buttons.
Button vessel 3, wet felted, merino wool, buttons. 7" tall, 4" diameter opening.
Button vessel 2. 2 7/8" x 6". Wet felted merino wool with buttons hand stitched on.
Button Vessel. 4h, 5" diameter. wet felted, merino wool, cotton thread, buttons.
Orange vessel in a vessel. Merino wool, silk fabric. 9" diameter.
Vessel in a vessel. Merino wool, silk fabric. 6" tall.
Brown and Teal Vessel. Merino wool, cotton thread, wire, beads.
Felted purse. approx 5x6". wet felted wool.kisslock purse frame hand sewn to purse.
Tea cup, saucer,  3.5x6" Teabag 1.75x1.5" Wet felted wool. Hand embroidered. Tag is made of cotton fabric.
Hot Pot. 8.5x10.5x5.5" wet felted wool and hand embroidered with cotton and silk threads.
Poppy Teapot.10 x 4.5 x 6.5". Wet felted wool roving, hand embroidery, cotton thread, glass beads.
Private Collection.
Alice's Teapot. 8.5x6.5x4" Wet felted wool. Hand embroidered with cotton thread and glass beads.
Saturna. 3.5 x7.5", 4" diameter opening. Wet felted wool roving, glass beads hand stitched.
Wire and Wool. 6x6x7". wool roving, copper wire, glass beads. Sold
Earth. 6.5"diameter, 4"h. wet felted wool roving with cotton and silk, hand embroidered with cotton thread. NFS
Fire. 5.5"h 4" diameter. Wet felted wool roving with hand embroidery in silk thread. Sold
Vessel with red beads. Wool roving, wet felted, glass beads. 3.5x4.5", 3" opening.
Vessel with pink beads. Wool roving, wet felted, glass beads, hand embroidered with cotton threads. approx. 6.5 x 7" , 4"  diameter opening. Sold
Lightning. wool vessel with silk. approx. 6" wet felted wool roving.
Black and Green vessel. 4"h x 5" diameter, 2 3/4" across. Wet felted with wool roving, silk fabric. embroidered with cotton thread.
Hand dyed alpaca, merinow wool. Wet felted.
Burgundy hat. Merino wool.
Teal felt hat. wet felted with merino wool and silk.
Wine concertina hat. Wet felted with wool roving and silk Hankies.
Black Concertina Hat. Wet felted wool. Wool roving and silk hankies.
Teal beret. Wet felted. wool.
Felt bag. Merino wool, hand dyed silk, leather strap. button, magnetic closure. 11x11x2".
Fringe scarf. Merino wool, hand dyed silk fabric, viscose, bamboo and silk fibers.
Red Cowl Scarf. 11x28". merino wool and silk, nunofelted.
Viking knit necklace and bracelet Necklace 16", bracelet 7". Non tarnishing silver coated copper wire with felt bead.
Neckwarmer. Nunofelted wool and silk.
Shooting Star Shawl. 11.5x65". Nuno felted wool and silk chiffon. Private collection.