Helene Kusnitz
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Art Quilts
Poppies. 4x4x2" machine stitched and hand embroidered on cotton. Made for the Brush Gallery, Lowell, Mass. for 4x4 for Education.
Black and White and Red All Over. 12x12" on canvas. Cotton fabric, cotton thread. Hand and machine stitched.
10x12" on Canvas. Cotton kantha scraps, silk organza. Machine stitched.
Prickly Pear Cactus. 12x12" cotton and silk fabrics, machine stitched hand embroidery with cotton thread.
Three blocks. 13.5x24.75 Vintage blocks. Machine pieced and machine quilted, cotton thread.
Bullseye. 21x31.75". Machine stitched, hand embroidered and beads sewn on. cotton fabric and threads, glass beads.
Oasis. 13.15" Rusted fabric, hand dyed fabric. Machine stitched. Glass beads.
Flora. 12x12". Recycled kantha cloth, cotton fabric. Machine stitched.
Untitled. 4x4x1.5". cotton fabric, machine quilted. Made for The Brush Art Gallery, Lowell, Mass. 4x4 for Education.
Want Your Palm "Red"? 9x12" Machine appliqued and quilted. Glass beads hand sewn.
Butterfly. 4x4". printed dryer sheet, cotton fabric. mounted on canvas frame. Private collection. Made for The Brush Art Gallery, Lowell, Mass.  4x4 for Education.
Syncopation 2. 28.5x43". Various fabrics, machine pieced, machine quilted.
A Home for All Seasons. 12x37".machine pieced and machine stitched. cotton fabrics, wood and ribbon embellishments, free motion thread stitching.
Slow and Steady Wins the Race. 10x8.5" cotton fabrics assorted yarns and ribbon embellisments. Machine stitched. $150
Desert Blossom. 13.5x16". machine appliqued and quilted. silk fabrics.
Spring Blossoms. 4x4" on wooden frame. Silk dupioni, rayon thread. Machine quilted. Made for the Brush Art Gallery, Lowell, Mass. 4x4 for Education. Private collection.
Tree of Life. 25.5x32.5". Cotton kantha scraps and silk organza. Machine pieced and appliqued.
Private collection.
Threesies. 8.25x11.25". hand dyed and commercial fabrics, silk organza. Machine pieced and appliqued.
So Many Flowers. 15x19". photograph on fabric, cotton hand dyed fabrics, wool felt, organza.
So Many Flowers, detail.
Flow.18.75x23.75.Various fabrics including,  hand dyed cottons and velvets, batiks and commericial fabrics.
Butterfly Wings 20x20"
Under the Sea. 36x42". Various fabrics including cottons, silks and hand dyed batiks, ribbon embellishments and hand dyed fishing net. Machine appliqued, thread painting and machine quilted.
It's Darkest Before the Dawn
36x42", silks, cottons, ultrasuede, other fibers, machine appliqued, machine quilted
Ammonite- 18.5 x 24.75, hand dyed cotton, ultrasuede, machine appliqued, machine quilted.
Hear the Color See the Sound 35x42"
Something to Crow About 36x42"
Syncopation 34x27"
Eye of the Beholder 32x32"
Glass Garden 4x6". cotton fabric, machine stitched fabric postcard.
Private collection.
Fractured Squares 27x34""
Poppies 9.5x11.5"
9.75x11.75" cotton fabrics, machine applique, machine quilted. $150
Black, White and Color
9.5x11.5", silk fabrics machine appliqued, machine quilted. $150
Red Flower
8x10", silk fabric, machine appliqued, machine quilted